Scott & Matylda :: Motor City Matrimony // Detroit, Hamtramck Wedding Photographer

I haven’t been offering up any commentary on my posts lately, mostly in an effort to just get some photos up without any delay since I haven’t had the chance to write much. But I really miss introducing my clients to my blog readers, so – Here I present the wedding of Scott and Matylda. Scott and Matylda are engineers. Immediately, this makes me intimidated by them. Honestly, that sort of math frightens me, and I am fairly certain that people who enjoy it professionally are robots. There I said it: You are about to view the glorious wedding photos of two folks who — lovely as they are — may actually be advanced cyborgs sent from the future. Just saying. All kidding aside, these guys were great clients. Their traditional Polish wedding in Hamtramck was charming and the preceding party at the Rattlesnake Club was a memorable one. Scott, she’s totally in-charge now, my man. Trust me, that’s a good thing! I’ll see you guys around.


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