Saying “I Do” in Detroit :: Why I’d Love to Photograph Your Motown Wedding

It sure seems like a lot of folks are choosing to make it official in the heart of the city these days. Metro Detroiters know the charm, the grit and the glamour that comes with having a wedding in the “D”. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Detroit is a unique town that emotes a vibe you can’t pay for, recreate, re-Pin or otherwise duplicate. I shoot a lot of weddings in the city, and I can’t say that I’m growing tired of the prospect. In fact, I’m hoping for more. Be it Greektown, Corktown, Downtown or Midtown: I’m always excited to be spending a day with my bridal parties and their families in the land of rally caps and coney dogs. I could go on for days about why Detroit has the best venues (MMmmm the food!) and the most glorious cathedrals. I could. However, it is really the people that decide upon this unique urban setting for their big day that makes my job so freaking fantastic. My clients, my friends, my subjects: Thanks for keeping the lights so bright in the big city! I’ll let your weddings do the rest of the talking… #westillcoming

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