Paul & Meagan :: Married // Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer


What can I possibly say about Paul and Meagan’s Valentine’s Day wedding in Ann Arbor that would do it proper justice? I don’t know that there is anything. For me, personally, this was a day that shined brightly despite it being one the hardest days shooting that I’ve ever had. I showed up to Meagan’s house doubled over sick, and proceeded to make photos wearing my Patagonia winter jacket even when indoors. She couldn’t have been more hospitable, and accommodating, considering that her wedding photographer showed up looking like he had just drank a Pepsi bottle full of arsenic! She’s a saint, I tell you! The same goes for Paul. But, he’s a break dancing Canadian, so did we really expect him to not be the most polite guy ever? Of course not, eh? 😉

Loved working with you guys. You guys are strong, caring, and delightful. I doubt you need my well wishes to achieve happiness, but you have them none the less! (P.S. big shout-out my assitant Eleni and Ed over at Edward John Photography for helping pull my feverish weight).


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