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    This is a website that is as raucous as it is romantic. It's an eclectic collection of amazing personas that come together every year to make my job as a wedding photographer so amazing. Scrolling though these posts always leaves me humbled and smiling to myself, happy to recall my clients' laughter as they experienced their big day. I hope that visiting here gives you a little bit of the same. I'd love it even more if it inspired you to let me help tell your story. Maybe we'll even make a few inside jokes of our own? Enjoy.


Audrey :: 4 // Birmingham, MI Kid Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing the very expressive Audrey last week before her fourth birthday. It was one of those rare days that we’ve had this spring in Michigan where the air was warm

Justin & Jackie :: Engaged // Stoney Creek Metro Park Engagement Photography

Justin works with my sister-in-law. We didn’t know this upon initial consultation, but things come up when you have a chatty photographer on your hands! So, the real question now is: am

Ryan & Megan :: Engaged // Kensington Metro Park Engagement Photography

I took these photos on a blustery day at Kensington Metro Park. Now, if you scroll down to the beach “series” you’ll be hard pressed to tell that it was like 40 degrees out. That

Jack & Alanna :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer

So, Jack and Alanna made the drive in from Chicago for their engagement session last week. I know what you’re thinking. And, the answer is: No, I would never photograph Cubs fans! Dont’

Avi & Liz :: Married // Southfield, MI Wedding Photographer

Talk about a family affair! Last month, I had the pleasure of photographing the intimate at-home wedding of Avi and Liz. It was a charming family event that went down right in Avi’s

Tim & Alex :: Married // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photography

This was yet another one of those events that I really hope serves to set the tone for the 2013 season. Here are the ways this wedding owned it: Alex was just a stunning bride in every possible way,

Kyle & Katie’s Wedding // Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer

Spring is in the air, and it’s that March/April thaw that truly brings in the wedding season every year. This spring started with Kyle and Katie for me. I have so many photos that I want to

The Van Marcke Family :: A New Addition // Grosse Pointe Family Photographer

I’ve shot the Van Marcke clan enough times now that I’m really out of things to glow about. They are great people, and it is truly hard to say anything more honest. I am just so happy to

Travis & Natalie :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

I’m still shivering from this one. Seriously, Michigan it’s March can it at least be crumby, damp and cool?! Not to fret, however, Travis and Natalie didn’t let the Arctic temps

Photo Ninja Workshops :: March 6, 2013 @ The Pleasant Ridge, MI Community Center

It’s time to sharpen your skills, folks! I’m very pleased to announce what should be a fun, interactive experience for any of you who are looking to get more out of your camera, lighting

Mike & Carrie :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

Man-oh-man! That Mike is one tall drink of water. I’m not even sure what that means? But, I have always wanted to say it, ever since I first watched “Swingers” with a room full of

Vincent & Veronica :: Knot Tied // St. Clair Shores, Bloomfield Hills Wedding Photographer

Vinny and Ronnie topped off a small collection of my wife’s high school graduating class that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. This made the proceeding somewhat familiar for me.

A Growing Family :: Scott, Adrienne and Baby Rowan // Plymouth, MI Family Photography

I was very happy to photograph little Rowan this month. Parenthood and all of the trappings never fail to amazing me. Even with my own kids only being three and five, I find it hard to remember the

Dale & Nicole :: Engaged (The Video Edition) // Waterford Michigan Engagement Photography

I haven’t had a double post in a while, but I’m feeling pretty motivated to get caught up here. You can see all of the photos from this great session two posts back, so I won’t bore

Tom & Caroline Engaged :: Video Edition // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer

Tom & Caroline’s wedding is near and dear to my heart. Mostly, because Tom is just so darn cuddly .. someone had to say it, right?! But seriously, I’m super happy to be joining Dr.

2012 Retrospective :: Weddings & Engagements

Whew! it was one heck of a year. I’ve put together a quick slideshow of some of my favorite memories from this wedding season. From Up-north to “the thumb”, from the west side to

Dale & Nikki :: Fly Away Home // Waterford, MI Engagement Photography

So, Dale’s dad owns this pretty amazing plane. It’s a vintage Navy craft that I won’t pretend to know a lot about. One’s thing is for sure Dale and his father, Dale Sr., fly

Marc & Liz :: Engaged (with video!) // Livonia and Dearborn, MI Engagement Photography

So Marc and Liz really wanted part of their shoot to take place at a record store. Seemed like a good enough idea to me. So, naturally, we had it. However, only after good freezing cold Michigan

Tim & Megan :: Tie The Knot // Southfield, MI Wedding Photographer

Tim and Megan’s wedding rounded out my year. It was a great time with lots of laughs, even if some of them were at my expense or as a result of the copious amount of goose poop we stumbled

Don & Sarah :: Engaged (With Giant Bear Heads .. yup) // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer

Don and Sarah put giant bear heads on for their engagement session, plus they are both scientists. I can’t really say anything to make this more cool. Just look!

Matt & Michelle :: Married // Clarkston, MI Wedding Photographer

I really like these guys. I suppose you could say, I like ALL of my clients. Because if I didn’t, who would really hire a grumpy anti-social guy to hang around on their wedding day? Haha,

Mike & Katie :: Engaged // Rochester, MI Engagement Photographer

I first met Mike, back in my days of working in the mustard-gas-filled trenches cooperate creative. I always like the guy then, and I like him more now. Mostly, this is due the fact that he has

The Berner Family :: Family Time // Brighton, MI Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing the Berner’s since Ayla was the solo wobbly walking wonder. I don’t have a lot to say, other than it doesn’t get boring or predictable, regardless of

Anthony & Jenna :: Engaged // Ada, MI Engagement Photography

Once upon a time: This guy here woke up, packed up his lenses and drove out to Ada, Michigan (Just outside of Grand Rapids). Normally, I’m not one to champion the merits of beating the

Andrew & Annemarie :: Married // Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer

Andrew and AnneMarie have an infectious connection. After I shot this wedding I really wanted to get home and hug my wife. You know, THAT kind of a connection? It was really fun going back to my old

Nick & Kirstian :: Engaged // Dearborn, MI Engagement Photography

I am not a graceful man. So, I would like to formally thank Kirstian and Nick for inviting me to take a few photos on a polished ice surface. Despite what some of you already know about me, I did

Justin & Lyneah :: Married // Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti Wedding Photographer

This wedding was a real fun ride, from start to finish. We started in the salon, where Lyneah’s mother was in charge of the bridal hairdo. I’d say “brave lady”, but she owned

Tom, Ute, Connor & Baby Lucy // Birmingham MI Family Photographer

Yet another one of my growing client families! It truly seems like just the other day that Connor was barely sitting up for photos, and now I’m chasing him around like a bad scene from Daddy

Chris & Ashley :: Engaged // E. Lansing MI Engagement Photographer

I had such a great time getting completely soaked with Chris and Ashley in East Lansing. Would you believe me if I told you that Chris and I had to fight off some frat guys for dibs on painting that

Chris & Megan :: Married // Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer

Chris and Megan caught one of those days were the rain sort of chased us from one thing to the next. Luckily, with Pugs in tow, these newly-married dog lovers out ran the weather and put on a

Peter & Sarah :: Married // Farmington Michigan Wedding Photography

Sarah and I are both of a prestigious EMU pedigree. We seem to see eye-to-eye on good schools, as well as good pictures. In the company of their four children, Peter and Sarah were married in

Matthew & Melanie :: Engaged // Brighton Michigan Engagement Photography

I got so lost trying to navigate the backroads and gravels paths of Brighton, MI. One could make the argument that perhaps Melanie was trying to trap me in the wilderness and then rob me of all of

Tiffany, Dave, Shailey and Whitney :: Family // Trenton, Michigan Family Photography

The last time I saw these guys, Shailey was just a little peanut who was barely toddling around. Then suddenly, Whitney arrives on the scene and little Shailey is a big sister, as well as a

Dan & Jen :: Married // Grosse Pointe Wedding Photography

Another special one for me. I worked for several years with Dan back in my days in the trenches of the corporate creative world. He was always a rational voice and hardworking guy, even at times

Eric & Jean :: Married // Farmington Hills, MI Wedding Photography

Eric and Jean had one of those weddings with the couple’s fingerprints all over it. Ok, maybe more Jean’s than Eric’s, but isn’t the bride always the boss when it comes to

Kurt, Jen, Logan, Morgan, Lily, Grandpa & Grandma :: Family // Detroit, MI Family Photography

I’m running out of stuff to say about these guys. But, that is only because I see them twice a year. I will say they are getting too big too fast. Which is a sentiment I know most parents have