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    This is a website that is as raucous as it is romantic. It's an eclectic collection of amazing personas that come together every year to make my job as a wedding photographer so amazing. Scrolling though these posts always leaves me humbled and smiling to myself, happy to recall my clients' laughter as they experienced their big day. I hope that visiting here gives you a little bit of the same. I'd love it even more if it inspired you to let me help tell your story. Maybe we'll even make a few inside jokes of our own? Enjoy.


Amy & Ian :: Married // Colony Club, Detroit

Nothing says “Detroit wedding” like tying the knot at the corner of Park and East Montcalm. At least, to me. I love the Colony Club. There is something charming and familiar for me about

Joel & Hope :: Married // Pontiac, MI Wedding Photographer (Crofoot)

A preposterously heart-pounding party in downtown Pontiac. Say that five times fast! While I know that my alliteration won’t do this wedding any justice, I will now be selling poems for $50

Markian & Anna :: Married // Detroit Wedding Photographer

As rustic as it was elegant, as spontaneous as it was expertly planned, and as eccentric as it was romantic, Maki and Anna’s wedding was a day-long trek through Detroit and Hamtramck

Dane & Kristina :: Engaged // Edsel and Eleanor Ford House Engagement Photography

This shoot sure looks like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? Well, duh! It was fun. Lots. It’s easy to laugh when you start off your day discussing how Dane just really wants to get naked and

Ahmed & Kristi :: Married // Detroit, Royal Oak and Pontiac, MI Wedding Photographer

So my day began with 9am beers, billiards and shaved heads at Trim in Clawson. Ahmed and the guys slathered in shaving cream and paced around the floors of everyone’s favorite barber shop.

Carrie & Mike :: Married // Inn at St. John’s Wedding Photographer

Mike and Carrie are such low maintenance clients that Mike’s level of chill had him napping when I arrived on this fine Friday afternoon. Not to worry, I promptly had him thrashed by a group

Joey & Tara : A Mexican Adventure // Riviera Maya Destination Wedding Photographer

On my flight from Detroit to Cancun, I sat next to a lady who hadn’t flown in over 20 years. She grabbed my arm during take off, and squeezed … pretty darn hard, too. It turned out she

Maki & Anna :: Engaged // Ann Arbor, MI Engagement Photographer

This was my first trip to Ann Arbor for the year. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming (a little, anyway?), and my clients were dancing. Literally. Maki and Anna are getting married this

Ahmed & Kristi :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Photography

It really means a lot to me to be photographing Ahmed and Kristi. They are great folks and family friends, that I just adore. Ahmed is about as generous and pleasant a guy to be around as you could

Geoff & Christa :: Married // Detroit and Macomb Wedding Photography

Geoff and Christa caught the first wedding of 2014 that didn’t involve frozen rain, snow or salt trucks. You might consider them charmed? I did … at first. It was later on, when I got a

Victor & Kaitlin :: Married // Grosse Pointe and Detroit, MI Wedding Photography

These guys are my buddies. True-blue. I had so much fun at this wedding, that I can hardly call it a day’s work. In what has become a prototypical meeting with Vic and Kaitlin, I was beside

Brittany & Tremaine :: Married // Detroit and Farmington, MI Wedding Photography

What can I say about Brittany and Tremaine that doesn’t involve the groom trying to pick out shoes for women, or being a the world’s most charming camera hog? Well, I could tell you that

Jose & Theresa :: Married // Plymouth, MI Wedding Photographer

This was a fun one, folks. Firstly, I have to say congrats to two really great people. Theresa and Joe are just a lot of fun to be around, both in conversation and as subjects. Secondly, I have to

Kelvin & Ashley :: The Slow Ride Around Town // Detroit, Michigan Engagement Photography

How would you describe a pleasant day at the office? When your boss is on vacation, and you have the coffee pot to yourself? I can relate to that. I have days where my headphones are in and Neil

Joe & Theresa :: Before the Big Day // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

I’ll be posting Jose and Theresa’s wedding really soon. Before I can do that, I needed you guys to take a look at the chilly Downtown Detroit meet-up we had just before their nuptials.

Bob & Caitlin :: Engaged // A Chilly Royal Oak Day Photgraphed

Bob and Caitlin are such a good time. I say things like this a lot, but I laughed so hard during this shoot that my ears hurt. I hurt my own ears. Yeah. So, I say this things because I work with

Barns, Tents & Boat Houses, Oh My! :: Getting Married Outdoors or Off-Beat in Michigan?

If you’re considering having your Michigan wedding outdoors, well … you’re awesome. It’s a great state — the Magnificent Mitten I call it — and there is no better

Ben & Lisa :: When It’s Cold Outside // Bloomfield Hills and Pine Knob Wedding Photography

You can tell a lot about a person by how they handle themselves in the cold. Really. Ok, no really. Still, this wintery wedding never left me wishing for  a warmer day. That is mostly because Lisa

Kevin & Nikki :: Midtown & Cliff Bell’s // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer

Doing Detroit with some class and a splash or delicious craft beer! Yeah for great locations, crisp weather and for cozy jazz bars. Kevin and Nikki were an absolute delight to hang out with for this

Brandon and Lisa :: A Romantic Hike // Maybury State Park Engagement Photography

I know, I know. I’m still blogging fall stuff and it’s January. I shoot a lot in the fall and it just feels nice to save some of this stuff for when the blogging is slow? Brandon and

Patrick, Courtney and Baby Monty :: Pleasant Ridge Family Photography

This is a special little guy, for me. You see, I just love his parents. They’ve been tremendous clients for me ever since August of 2011. Then, I took them out for their Midtown Detroit bike

Chad & Corrine :: Hometown in MoTown // Detroit, Michigan Engagement Photography

We shot this session in Chad and Corrine’s neighborhood. Fall colors and the big city really just seemed to work well with the energy that these two exude. Two true Detroiters on one of the

Jeff, Yi-Ru and Baby Arthur :: Gallup Park Family Photography

Another growing family amongst my clients, and this time little Art is really up and about. He just loves bridges! We couldn’t get him enough time crossing the river at Gallup Park in Ann

Don & Sarah :: Married // Tollgate Farm & Planterra Wedding Photography

This was about as representative of a fall wedding in Michigan as it gets. A mild day, a rustic barn, a burst of color on the horizon and a dazzling atrium for the after party. Best of all, my bride

Jared & Kimmy :: Walk the Dogs // Kensington Metropark Engagement Photography

I had so much fun chasing dogs through the woods with Kim and Jared for this fall photo shoot. Kim is my little sister’s oldest friend and seeing here grownup enough to be getting married has

Jason, Jessica & Jovie :: A Fall Family Outing // Stoney Creek Metropark Photography

This was my second time hanging out with Triple J. Not that they go by that, but they should. I mean come on? With that the alliteration masterpiece of Jason, Jessica and Jovie you’d have own

Victor & Kaitlin :: Sparty Love // MSU Engagement Photography

Let me tell you about how Vic and Kaitlin are my new book buddies. I’m pretty sure that the merits of modern literature were discussed at such length during this session that Vic and I might

Mia & Alaina :: Family Photos // Stoney Creek Metropark Portrait Photography

I’ve been watching these little munchkins grow for a while now, and every time I see them it is shocking how big they are getting. We had an amazing little nature walk at Stoney Creek

Snapping Away in the A2 & Ypsi :: Why I’d Love to Shoot Your Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti Wedding

It’s true that I probably do most of my weddings in Detroit, and the surrounding communities.Despite lots of Motown weddings, I still love a trip down I-94 to go visit the land of Wolverines

Tom + Caroline = A Wedding Adventure in England :: North Cadbury, England Wedding Photography

Talk about going big or going home. Caroline had teenaged fantasies of running off to England and marrying Prince William. A fantasy that was famously tarnished by the Royal Wedding in 2011. Enter

Alyssa & Ryan :: Engaged // Rochester, MI Engagement Photographer

Another addition to my fall e-session lineup. Ryan and Alyssa are high school sweethearts who are finally putting the exclamation point on their love story next June. It was another one of those

Travis & Natalie :: Married // Grosse Ile, MI Wedding Photography

I’m pretty sure that I babysat Natalie and her brother when I was growing up? Yup… So, if you’re expecting this blog post start off with a self-deprecating statement about just how

JR & Amy :: Engaged // Kensington Metropark Engagement Photography

Wow, so I’ve finally gotten back into the flow of the blog. JR and Amy had a big challenge on their hands. You see, JR suffers from Can’t -smile-nice-unless-I’m-at-a-party-Initius.

A Chan-tastic! Wedding :: Jack and Alanna // Shelby Township, MI Wedding Photography

One thing that I learned at this wedding from Jack’s buddy Tommy was that you can take the groom’s last name and turn it into anything. Like literally anything. It is the most addictive

Baby Natalie, Mike and Angela :: 1-Year // Farmington Hills Family Photographer

Meet Natalie. She’s one of those great examples of why my job is so cool. I shot Mike and Angela’s wedding back in 2009, then last year I was happy to find a brand new little bundle

Geoff & Christa :: Engaged // Farmington Hills, MI Photographer

I know, I know. I’m behind on blogging. :-/ The truth is that fall sessions have been pretty steady, and I’ve been contently keeping my Facebook page up-to-date with new stuff. I’m