Kacie and Dave Enjoy “Spring-ish” Weather in East Lansing :: Lansing, MI Engagement Photography

2017-03-28_0016Kacie and I haven’t seen each other in 17 years. I’m proud to say that after that long decade-and-a-half plus some, Dave and I really hit it off! I’m pretty sure we bored her nearly to death? So as far as reunions with old high school classmates go, I’m pretty much a bore if their fiance ends up being as chatty as I am. Sorry, Kacie! LOL.

But, for real. It was awesome to see these two. We braced some of the weirdest weather that Michigan can toss our way and Kacie endured some of the oddest conversations that Dave and I could throw her way, but I think we made a great time of it. I couldn’t be happier this awesome couple and I can’t wait for the wedding in Chi-town! Enjoy.


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