Justin & Erin :: Married // Trenton, MI Wedding Photographer


I met Erin when I was five-years-old. Which means that this wedding was decades in the making for me as a photographer. Pretty cool, huh? I recall a time in sixth grade that a friend and I decided we’d take some girls from our class for a walk in the local woods to scare them, whilst simultaneously brandishing our own bravery. The path we walked was the same one that we otherwise rode bikes on, but we spun a tail of alien landings and abductions. When we stopped in a field to warn of the sure-to-arrive UFO. Erin and rest of the girls gave our egos a tremendous gut-punch by screaming “Abduct me! Abduct me!” towards the sky, stifling their declarations with giggles as they did. Martians didn’t impress her in 6th grade, but Justin did manage to win her over with an other-worldly performance of ‘Rebel Yell’ during karaoke night at the local pub in, our home town (pictures at the pub and of the song in action below!). Their journey will be far less foreign than the one Erin would have went on, had I successfully gotten her stolen by alien life forms in 1995. Still, marriage and parenthood are an adventure of often interstellar proportions. Journey well, my friends. Enjoy.


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