Jordan & Catherine :: Married // Indian Springs Metropark Wedding Photography


Jordan and Catherine brought me two weddings in a week. The first was a coming together of three couples. These two kids decided to tie the knot on the shared anniversary of Catherine’s parents and her grandparents. Thus, creating an anniversary trifecta that will only be made greater when they “guide” their own children to pick a wedding date! 😉 Three days later we met up again for the big show, with the bigger crowd at Indian Springs Metropark. This time we had one uninvited guest in the weather. However, not a tear was shed or a moment lost. My shoes might have suffered a little, but who am I to complain?  Thanks, guys! Cheers.2016-07-20_00012016-07-20_00022016-07-20_00032016-07-20_00042016-07-20_00052016-07-20_00062016-07-20_00072016-07-20_00082016-07-20_00092016-07-20_00102016-07-20_00112016-07-20_00122016-07-20_00132016-07-20_00142016-07-20_00152016-07-20_00162016-07-20_00172016-07-20_00182016-07-20_00192016-07-20_00202016-07-20_00212016-07-20_00222016-07-20_00232016-07-20_00242016-07-20_00252016-07-20_00262016-07-20_00272016-07-20_00282016-07-20_00292016-07-20_00302016-07-20_00312016-07-20_00322016-07-20_00332016-07-20_00342016-07-20_00352016-07-20_00362016-07-20_00372016-07-20_00382016-07-20_00392016-07-20_00402016-07-20_00412016-07-20_00422016-07-20_00432016-07-20_00442016-07-20_00562016-07-20_00452016-07-20_00462016-07-20_00472016-07-20_00482016-07-20_00492016-07-20_00502016-07-20_00512016-07-20_00522016-07-20_00532016-07-20_00542016-07-20_0055

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