Joe & Claudine :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer



Joe and Claudine are my people. Seriously, these guys are so excellent to spend time with. At our first meeting Claudine brought me Bon Bon Bon, and I learned that Joe is no stranger to a good board game night. From that moment on, I knew these were my guys! The fun continued during their e-session in downtown Detroit last month where we caught a great 50-degree day to tromp through the city. There was coffee, there was laughing, there was a ride in Joe’s Challenger… I can’t wait for the wedding, guys! Enjoy.2016-03-01_00012016-03-01_00022016-03-01_00032016-03-01_00042016-03-01_00052016-03-01_00062016-03-01_00072016-03-01_00082016-03-01_00092016-03-01_00102016-03-01_00112016-03-01_00122016-03-01_00132016-03-01_00142016-03-01_00152016-03-01_00162016-03-01_0017


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