Jared & Kim :: Married // Elizabeth Park Wedding Photography

titJKI’ve spent most of my life always knowing what an amazing friend Kim was to my sister, Erica. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I met Jared, that I began to realize that Kim’s preponderance for excellent friendship was probably going to a foundation for her marriage. That seems to go for Jared too. Good luck finding two people who are having more fun, more frequently than them. They are smiling and laughing at every turn of every day. It’s hard not to get sucked it. So, sucked in we became. The Elizabeth Park wedding was exactly what I’d have expected and hoped for for Jared and Kim. We had a gorgeous day. Here’s to a beautiful life, kids! Cheers.2014-10-06_00022014-10-06_00032014-10-06_00042014-10-06_00052014-10-06_00062014-10-06_00072014-10-06_00082014-10-06_00092014-10-06_00102014-10-06_00112014-10-06_00122014-10-06_00132014-10-06_00142014-10-06_00152014-10-06_00162014-10-06_00172014-10-06_00182014-10-06_00192014-10-06_00202014-10-06_00212014-10-06_00222014-10-06_00232014-10-06_00332014-10-06_00242014-10-06_00252014-10-06_00262014-10-06_00272014-10-06_00282014-10-06_00292014-10-06_00302014-10-06_00312014-10-06_00322014-10-06_00342014-10-06_0035

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