Ernie & Jessica :: Married // Cafe Cortina Wedding Photography

titleEJ There is really something to be said about having a small wedding. It feels like a gathering friends, but one with a something just little more profound at the core. Cafe Cortina served as the back drop for this intimate event. Ernie and Jessica had a wedding day that was just that: A garden party made up of their closest friends and family. So, it was no surprise that the entire day was full of laughter, conversation and good food. I’m super happy for you guys. Thanks for inviting me along. 2014-09-15_00022014-09-15_00032014-09-15_00042014-09-15_00072014-09-15_00082014-09-15_00092014-09-15_00062014-09-15_00102014-09-15_00052014-09-15_00112014-09-15_00122014-09-15_00132014-09-15_00142014-09-15_00152014-09-15_00162014-09-15_00172014-09-15_00182014-09-15_00192014-09-15_00202014-09-15_00212014-09-15_00222014-09-15_00232014-09-15_00012014-09-15_00242014-09-15_00252014-09-15_00262014-09-15_00272014-09-15_00292014-09-15_00282014-09-15_00302014-09-15_00322014-09-15_0031

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