Eric & Lindsay :: Married // Brighton Michigan Wedding Photography


Javit sister wedding number 2! BOOM! I’m really starting to like these guys. This time around we got see Katie’s little sister get married at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton, MI. A lot of familiar faces filled the rows, as well as some new ones. I mean, Eric didn’t grow out of the ground like a family-less plantman! He wasn’t materialized is some Weird Science sequel typed time sequence. Or was he? Whether an abomination of botany or a real man, Eric did sign his doggy adoption papers after sealing his vows to Lindsay, and I’m happy to say a new family was born! Thanks so much for having me out again to capture it. Mr. and Mrs. Javit are twice the hosts that anyone could ever hope for, and I’m thrilled for all of the families and friends involved.  Despite my absurd jokes, both here and in real life, you guys made us feel like family the entire way through. That means a lot to be treated that way when you’re on the job. Thanks, guys. See ya around!2015-08-10_00012015-08-10_00022015-08-10_00032015-08-10_00042015-08-10_00052015-08-10_00062015-08-10_00072015-08-10_00082015-08-10_00092015-08-10_00102015-08-10_00112015-08-10_00122015-08-10_00132015-08-10_00142015-08-10_00152015-08-10_00162015-08-10_00172015-08-10_00182015-08-10_00192015-08-10_00202015-08-10_00212015-08-10_00222015-08-10_00232015-08-10_00242015-08-10_00252015-08-10_00262015-08-10_00272015-08-10_00282015-08-10_00292015-08-10_00302015-08-10_00312015-08-10_00322015-08-10_00332015-08-10_00342015-08-10_00352015-08-10_00362015-08-10_00372015-08-10_00382015-08-10_00392015-08-10_00402015-08-10_00412015-08-10_00422015-08-10_00432015-08-10_00442015-08-10_00452015-08-10_00462015-08-10_00472015-08-10_00482015-08-10_00492015-08-10_00502015-08-10_00512015-08-10_00522015-08-10_0053

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