Dave & Gina (and Maxwell) :: Engaged // Stony Creek Metropark Engagement Photography


It was the bubble gum pink skies and the wagging tail of Maxwell keeping this session adorable from start to finish. Heck, Dave and Gina weren’t all that bad, either! I kid. But, I am a softy for dogs. So, collectively to all of my future and current clients: “Yes, you can bring the pooch.” If you play you cards right, I’ll even let your dog yank me around a little.Which is exactly what Max, here, did while I single-handedly (in the most literal sense I had a dog in one hand and a camera in the other) shoot some cananine-free photos of Gina and Dave. Hopefully, he’s about forgotten all of the Stony Creek groundhogs we didn’t let him eat!? Thanks so much for hanging with me, guys! Can’t wait for the wedding.2016-08-09_00012016-08-09_00022016-08-09_00032016-08-09_00042016-08-09_00052016-08-09_00062016-08-09_00072016-08-09_00092016-08-09_00102016-08-09_00112016-08-09_00122016-08-09_00132016-08-09_0014

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