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Brandon & Amanda :: NYE Wedding // Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer

Brandon and Amanda’s New year’s Eve Wedding was the perfect punctuation to a wedding season. It was a crisp December day in the Mitten, and spirits were abundant amongst friends and

Mike & Jennifer :: Married in A Galaxy Far, Far Away // The Crofoot Ballroom Wedding Photography

Have you ever met geeks after your own heart? I have. Lots of times, actually. However, Mike and Jennifer standout to me. Not only as awesome clients with amazing taste in Legos, dinosaurs, sci-fi,

Rob & Leah :: Married // Clarkston, MI Wedding Photography

Rob and Leah :: Clarkston, Michigan :: Oakhurst Country Club An amazing sunny day that despite some power-outages and humidity we owned. Cheers, to Rob and Leah!

Jordan & Catherine :: Married // Indian Springs Metropark Wedding Photography

Jordan and Catherine brought me two weddings in a week. The first was a coming together of three couples. These two kids decided to tie the knot on the shared anniversary of Catherine’s

William & Chelsea :: Married // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photographer

William and Chelsea’s wedding was just the sort of event we like to attend: Enormous beautiful church, hot dog vendors, gritty alleys, and views of Detroit from Belle Isle. Its was what May as

Lee & Melissa :: Wedding // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photography

What could be more Michigan than a 30-degree temperature swing, and some freezing rain in the the middle of May? Nothing! So, in that regard, Lee and Melissa’s wedding at Holy Transfiguration

Mark & Holly :: Wedding // Indianwood Wedding Photographer

Mark and Holly had one of those days that was so chill, so pleasant, and so downright fun. It all started with spring weather in mid-March. Which isn’t something to be taken lightly in

Jonathan & Arielle :: Wedding // Destination Wedding Photographer, Mexico

There are few things more romantic than running off to Mexico to get married on the beach. Just add 120 or your closest friends and family and some competitive volleyball, and you’ll have a

Mike & Sara :: Married // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photography

Mike and Sara met me in England. It was a week-long destination wedding where we got a very good idea of just how much time we could tolerate being around each other. I must not have been too

Anthony & Melane :: Married // Marysville, MI Wedding Photographer

Melane and Anthony’s beautiful wedding at the gorgeous Lexington Village Theatre was cozy, creative, and charming. We had such an amazing time with their friends and family hanging out in

Stefano & Jamie :: Married // Inn at St. John Wedding Photography

Stefano and Jamie have been together forever. Well not “for-ever EVER!?” in the Outkast sense, but since high school, any how. Teenagers who have bonded over baby tigers seem pretty

Chris & Mary :: Married // Wyandotte, Detroit Wedding Photographer

Rain, rain go away. Chris and Mary got married and the rain did its best to chase them off. It knocked, it blew, and it rattled us about to no avail. Resolve, laughter, and love rose about above the

Joey & Casey :: Married // Planterra Wedding Photography

Some days on this job you get to just hang out inside of a beautiful greenhouse, admire amazing cakes, talk to awesome people, and listen to awesome music. Ok, its a lot of days … but,

Lindsay & Steve :: Married // Detroit Wedding Photographer

Talk about a day full of good laughs and great folks. From the dramatic readings during hair time, to the beers at Atwater, we left no stone unturned for having and amazing wedding day. Top it off

Lisa & Jake :: Married // Double JJ Ranch Wedding Photography

Lisa and Jake’s Wedding at the Double JJ Ranch was like a little vacation wrapped up in a wedding. It was so hard to not be completely taken away by the sweeping views during the ceremony, the

Steve & Deidre :: Married // Royal Oak Music Theater, MI Wedding Photography

Deidre and Steve are two crazy kids in love. Really crazy, too! Like skydiving and motorcycles kind of crazy. While I don’t necessarily share their love for hurling forward at inhuman speeds, I

Karine & Chris :: Married // Plymouth, Bloomfield Wedding Photographer

Karine and Chris are one of those young power couples in the making. She’s a doctor. He’s a lawyer. They fell in love skating at an ice rink where Chris played hockey and abused his

Eric & Lindsay :: Married // Brighton Michigan Wedding Photography

Javit sister wedding number 2! BOOM! I’m really starting to like these guys. This time around we got see Katie’s little sister get married at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton, MI. A

Tayler & Kyle :: Married // Upland Hills Farm Wedding Photography

Hot dang! I’m not sure if I’m using the cowboy boots or weather to justify my opening? Does it matter? It was a true Michigan summer day at Upland Hills Farm when Tayler and Kyle got to

Amanda & Sean :: Married // Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer

That one time when all of these peeps from Chicago invaded the sacred grounds of Ann Arbor … yeah, it was awesome! Amanda and Sean’s Earhart Manor wedding was everything that you’d

Mike & Katie :: Married // Brighton, MI Wedding Photography

Mike and Katie’s backyard wedding was Javit Sister Wedding 1-of-2 for me this summer. So, It’s a good thing I enjoyed myself while hanging out in this Brighton home, because I’ll be

Aida & Matt :: Married // Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer

It was a pretty day. Everything last thing was exceptionally beautiful. From the church, to the weather, to the gorgeous bride herself, it was what wedding season is all about. Matt and Aida’s

Ankit & Natalie :: Married // Lake Orion, MI Wedding Photographer (Indianwood)

Natalie and Ankit had one of those wedding days where the rain teases you, but never really shows up to spoil the occasion. Instead it was cool breeze to calm your nerves and the occasional rhythmic

Sarah & Erik :: Married // Pine Knob Mansion Wedding Photography, Michigan

Erik and Sarah are awesome. Seriously, freaking awesome. Like every Sci-fi and fantasy movie that I love represented in their wedding day music kinda awesome! I know right? You can’t have them.

Jonathan & Julia :: Married // Detroit, Hamtramck, and Plymouth Wedding Photography

What do you get when you take a coal miner from Pennsylvania and a lawyer from Michigan and give them a traditional springtime Ukrainian wedding? You get anything and everything but the expected.

Andy & Andrea :: Married // St. Clair Shores and Detroit, MI Wedding Photography

This autumn wedding was a brimming with energy and excitement from the moment we arrived. Andrew and Andrea had a wonderful ceremony at St. Blase, followed by a mémorable trip to Detroit’s

Bob & Caitlin :: Married // Charlevoix, MI Wedding Photographer

Bob and Caitlin’s Charlevoix wedding truly represented the last bits of a beautiful fall in Northern Michigan. The chill in the air, the Castle Farms’ reception and the warm company were

Deidre & Steve :: Engaged // Birmingham, MI Engagement Photography

Steve meets girls by teaching them to ride motorcycles, and then takes them on dates in his really fast car. Who can compete with that?! Really? Luckily for the rest of mankind, Deidre has gotten

Kevin & Nikki :: Married // Gem Theater, Detroit Wedding Photography

Fast Fall Post: Kevin and Nikki are awesome. Like super awesome. Their Gem Theater wedding was an ideal happening for two theater geeks. Tears, laughter, and all. I can’t say enough about how

Mike & Candice :: Married // Castle Farms and Charlevoix Wedding Photography

What can I say about the raucous, romantic, geeky, energetic love that Mike and Candice have? Not much. It’s inspiring and laugh-inducing all at once. I can’t imagine being in the room

Jared & Kim :: Married // Elizabeth Park Wedding Photography

I’ve spent most of my life always knowing what an amazing friend Kim was to my sister, Erica. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I met Jared, that I began to realize that

Nick & Nicole :: Married // Detroit, MI Wedding Photography

Nick and Nicole are a tremendous couple. They seem to be entirely the ying for their partner’s yang. Which is commendable, particularly if you’re into vague references that allude to

Aaron & Lauren :: Married // Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer

This was one of those quintessential Detroit weddings. The giant old church in First Congregational Church of Detroit, the bad luck in the high rollers’ room at MGM, and the amazing party at

Ernie & Jessica :: Married // Cafe Cortina Wedding Photography

There is really something to be said about having a small wedding. It feels like a gathering friends, but one with a something just little more profound at the core. Cafe Cortina served as the back

Matt & Michelle :: Married // Bloomfield, MI Wedding Photography

Matt and Michelle had me smiling and laughing, and generally feeling like I wasn’t at work all day long. This is a good thing. Joy on you wedding day is probably best thing you can do for