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Baby Arthur, Mike & Alison :: Family // Ann Arbor Portrait Photography

I love this kid. He’s the spitting image of my very old friend, and former college roommate, Mike. That’s not to take away from any of Alison’s lovely qualities that he’s

Joey, Casey, and Lucy :: Kensington Metropark Family and Engagement Photography

Super fun engaged couple: Check! Beautiful evening at Kensington Metropark: Check! Adorable baby Lucy: Bonus! So, if you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your e-session, find yourself a

Jason, Becky, Olivia, and Hope :: Detroit Family Photography // Midtown

Some days the sun shines just a little brighter than you expect. It beams a little bit warmer upon your face… aaaaaaand, if you’re with me in Detroit with your two kids, I might just

Jim, Marissa and Des :: Family // Stony Creek Metropark Photography

Nothing like stomping in the leaves with a newly minted 1-year-old, huh? I had an amazing time hanging with Jim, Marissa and their little dude Desmond at Stony Creek last month. It reminds me of when

Eli, Ashley and Addy :: Detroit, MI Family Photography

I met up with Eli and Ashley this month to get some photos of them and their one-year-old, Addy. It was a gorgeous night for strolling around Detroit’s River Walk, and Addy couldn’t agree

Matt, Alana, & Maddy :: One-Year-Old Portraits // Farmington, MI Family Photography

This little one means a lot to me. Maddy is the first-born daughter of one of my oldest friends. Nothing gives me more pause than being able to reflect on the ever-changing states of life by seeing

Patrick, Courtney and Baby Monty :: Pleasant Ridge Family Photography

This is a special little guy, for me. You see, I just love his parents. They’ve been tremendous clients for me ever since August of 2011. Then, I took them out for their Midtown Detroit bike

Jeff, Yi-Ru and Baby Arthur :: Gallup Park Family Photography

Another growing family amongst my clients, and this time little Art is really up and about. He just loves bridges! We couldn’t get him enough time crossing the river at Gallup Park in Ann

Jason, Jessica & Jovie :: A Fall Family Outing // Stoney Creek Metropark Photography

This was my second time hanging out with Triple J. Not that they go by that, but they should. I mean come on? With that the alliteration masterpiece of Jason, Jessica and Jovie you’d have own

Mia & Alaina :: Family Photos // Stoney Creek Metropark Portrait Photography

I’ve been watching these little munchkins grow for a while now, and every time I see them it is shocking how big they are getting. We had an amazing little nature walk at Stoney Creek

Baby Natalie, Mike and Angela :: 1-Year // Farmington Hills Family Photographer

Meet Natalie. She’s one of those great examples of why my job is so cool. I shot Mike and Angela’s wedding back in 2009, then last year I was happy to find a brand new little bundle

Maddie and Ben :: At it Again // Kensington MetroPark Family Photographer

It has been a little while since I last meet up with Ben and Maddie to photograph them. They’ve gotten so big, so quickly, that chasing them became the more apt term for what I did this year!

Carter :: One-Year // Fenton, Michigan Family Photographer

Carter is an absolute ham. It’s hard not to smile when he starts babbling at you about his trucks or the swing. I was very happy to make these one-year photos for this impish little blondie at

The Colzani Family :: Shelby Township Michigan Family Photography

This session is the latest amongst a fairly long list of shoots I’ve done with this family. Really It’s becoming quite a collection! I started off by doing one of my favorite things

Jamie, Holly and Little Maggie :: Family of Three // Royal Oak, MI Family Photographer

Nothing makes me gleam more than seeing people get sucked into the cult of parenthood. It’s an all-consuming endeavor that should come with matching tattoos and brightly colored caffeine

Lester & Geraldine :: Timeless // Plymouth, MI Portrait Photographer

I’d like you all to meet Lester and Geraldine. Lester is a retired postal carrier who owns more hockey pucks than your local ice rink. Geraldine is a Disney-ista whose Mickey Mouse obsession

Bob & Marianne :: Timeless // Royal Oak Michigan Photographer

I’ve been hanging with some really awesome people lately. You see, I made a callout that I wanted spend a little more time photographing the elder-statesmen (and women) of families. The first

Audrey :: 4 // Birmingham, MI Kid Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing the very expressive Audrey last week before her fourth birthday. It was one of those rare days that we’ve had this spring in Michigan where the air was warm

The Van Marcke Family :: A New Addition // Grosse Pointe Family Photographer

I’ve shot the Van Marcke clan enough times now that I’m really out of things to glow about. They are great people, and it is truly hard to say anything more honest. I am just so happy to

A Growing Family :: Scott, Adrienne and Baby Rowan // Plymouth, MI Family Photography

I was very happy to photograph little Rowan this month. Parenthood and all of the trappings never fail to amazing me. Even with my own kids only being three and five, I find it hard to remember the

The Berner Family :: Family Time // Brighton, MI Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing the Berner’s since Ayla was the solo wobbly walking wonder. I don’t have a lot to say, other than it doesn’t get boring or predictable, regardless of

Tom, Ute, Connor & Baby Lucy // Birmingham MI Family Photographer

Yet another one of my growing client families! It truly seems like just the other day that Connor was barely sitting up for photos, and now I’m chasing him around like a bad scene from Daddy

Tiffany, Dave, Shailey and Whitney :: Family // Trenton, Michigan Family Photography

The last time I saw these guys, Shailey was just a little peanut who was barely toddling around. Then suddenly, Whitney arrives on the scene and little Shailey is a big sister, as well as a

Kurt, Jen, Logan, Morgan, Lily, Grandpa & Grandma :: Family // Detroit, MI Family Photography

I’m running out of stuff to say about these guys. But, that is only because I see them twice a year. I will say they are getting too big too fast. Which is a sentiment I know most parents have

Baby Arthur :: Ann Arbor, MI Family Photography

Meeting new people and seeing families grow is and has always been one of my greatest joys in being a photographer. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the opportunities to spend time

Kurt, Jen, Logan, Morgan & Lily :: Family // Detroit, MI Family Photographer

This is one of those families that I see a lot. I’ve been photographing Kurt, Jen and the three little ones for a few years now, and it’s never without excitement. Every time I see them

The Zhou Family // Farmington Hills Family Photographer

I’m pretty sure that this session marks the most time that I’ve ever spent discussing robots, aliens and dragons between shooting. I’ll let you all look at the photos and guess who

Trevor // Rochester Hills Newborn Photographer

Trevor is just the most mild little guy. He does, however, have the most neck strength I’ve even seen in a baby his size. I think he might have been trying to run away from me during this

Ben & Maddie :: One // Novi, MI baby photographer

Ben and Maddie are at that age where they are thinking about standing up and running around the house. Those first steps are coming any day now. That’s officially where “keeping up with

Robert :: Novi Michigan Child Photography

Robert is going to be a  big brother in December. Enjoy your next two months sharing-free, little man.

Connor :: Two // Birmingham, MI Family Photographer

This is my second time photographing Connor. Boy, has he gotten big! It is always awesome to see clients again and again as their families continue to grow. I had a great outing with the now

Bennett :: New // Royal Oak, MI Newborn Photographer

Bennett will grow up with an amazing love for robots. Or … um … a mysteriously instilled loathing of them, depending how having the most robot-laden nursery every affects a baby. You see,

Al and Mary :: Timeless // Macomb, Michigan Family Photographer

Hi there, blog-viewer peoples. This is my second “timeless” portrait session. The idea here is that rather than me chasing around babies or young professionals, I spend some time getting

Olivia = O-N-E // Farmington Hills, MI Family Photographer

I’ll keep this short, so as not to keep Olivia’s mom and dad waiting any longer for their photos. Well, that and I need to really stick to this keep it quick thing. I’m trying.

Bob & JoAnn :: Timeless // St. Clair Shores Portrait Photographer

My friend Becki contacted me recently to make some portraits of her grandparents. It was sort of a different shoot for me. Bob and JoAnn are the sweetest people, and just getting to know them and

Baby James is One :: Grosse Pointe Family Photography

This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing little James. The first time around, he was so new to this world, you could probably have measured his newness in hours.