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Kacie and Dave Enjoy “Spring-ish” Weather in East Lansing :: Lansing, MI Engagement Photography

Kacie and I haven’t seen each other in 17 years. I’m proud to say that after that long decade-and-a-half plus some, Dave and I really hit it off! I’m pretty sure we bored her nearly

AJ & Christina :: Engaged // Beverly Hills, MI Engagement Photography

I was happy to spend a brisk autumn evening at Beverly Park with my very fun and very yellow clients AJ and Christina. We battled a little bit of wind, and some thundering runners on the wooded

Tony & Lauren :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

A cocktail stop, a few dark alleyways, and a little history nerding out …. Yeah that’s right, I made Tony tell about the Alamo. Cause thats what you do when you’re out with a

Dave & Gina (and Maxwell) :: Engaged // Stony Creek Metropark Engagement Photography

It was the bubble gum pink skies and the wagging tail of Maxwell keeping this session adorable from start to finish. Heck, Dave and Gina weren’t all that bad, either! I kid. But, I am a softy

Liting & David :: Engaged // Kensington Metropark Engagement Photographer

Summer evenings with amazing people and cuddling baby raccoons … yeah, my job is the best. So are my clients. David and Liting were back home in Michigan this month, and took the opportunity

Joe & Claudine :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer

Joe and Claudine are my people. Seriously, these guys are so excellent to spend time with. At our first meeting Claudine brought me Bon Bon Bon, and I learned that Joe is no stranger to a

Robby & Leah :: Engaged // Mayberry State Park Engagement Photography

Leah and Robby look striking flannel. It’s the great mitten state. It’s fall. How could you not look great donning the colors of lumber jacks amongst the majestic palette of the prettiest

Jon & Arielle :: Engaged // Birmingham, MI Engagement Photography

Jon and Arielle got engaged under a full moon in Aspen. So, we set out to find our own full moon for their engagement session. There was laughter, puppies (well one puppy), romance, excellent fall

Alissa & Jerry :: Engagement Session Part 1 // South East Michigan Engagement Photographer

Alissa and Jerry got a dressed up for a few hours in the backyard this fall at the request of Alissa’s mom. How can you say no to mom? You can’t.  You also can’t beat a great couple

Mike & Jennifer :: Engaged // Detroit Zoo Engagement Photography

Dinosaurs, underwater dancing, craft beer, and ice cream. Mike and Jennifer had one of the best days ever! We visited all of the best places in Royal Oak: The Detroit Zoo, River Rouge Brew Company,

Chelsea & William :: Engaged // E. Lansing Engagement Photography

Chelsea and Will lured me to East Lansing with beer. That’s right folks, I can be bought for just the proper amount of Founders Centennial IPA! We even chased off a little summer heat, talking

Paula & Lon :: Engaged // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photographer

Cold drinks in a dark bar. Jazz meandering out from the main stage. A picture perfect evening. Well, if you don’t have a guy with a camera in your face! Super stoked to have caught up with my

Kyle & Kelsey :: Engaged // Ann Arbor Michigan Photographer

There is nothing like wandering around Nichol’s Arboretum pretending not to be lost! Especially if you’re doing it on a beautiful night with great people. It is especially helpful if you

Brian & Randi :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

The last few weeks have been rich with spectacular nights. This was yet another, without question. Randi and I danced around a lot trying to decide where to photograph their engagement session, but

Lynn & Danny :: Engaged // Stony Creek Metropark Photography

Lynn and Danny came in from North Carolina for their Michigan e-session. Let me tell you that they brought the weather with them! We had an absolutely beautiful night, despite a forecast of

Lindsay & Stephen :: Engaged // Birmingham, MI Engagement Photography

I ducked and dodged the rainy spring a lot to get these guys a nice day for this session. What an evening it was! Birmingham was glowing with spring for Steve and Lindsay’s engagement session.

Eleni & Pete :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

Some days you get rained on. This was one of those days. You can only hope that your clients are flexible, fun, and somewhat waterproof. Well, mine were. Pete and Eleni took to running from the

Joey, Casey, and Lucy :: Kensington Metropark Family and Engagement Photography

Super fun engaged couple: Check! Beautiful evening at Kensington Metropark: Check! Adorable baby Lucy: Bonus! So, if you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your e-session, find yourself a

Chris & Samantha :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

When you’re looking for a little stop at the library nothing really compares to Detroit’s finest offering. Samantha and Chris sure didn’t think so. We slinked, crept, and whispered

Mike & Sara :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

I met Mike and Sara in England when I photographed Sara’s brother’s wedding. At that time, we bonded over English breakfast, Irish whiskey, and Mike’s facial hair. I solicited my

Max & Stephanie :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

How did Stephanie ever put up with the amount of footwear discussion that went on during this session? She’s a saint. While Max and I might share a manly affinity for Merrell shoes, I’m

Mike & Katie :: Engaged // Milford, MI Engagement Photography

It’s never a bad day for a walk in downtown Milford, MI. Add some hot coffee, good conversation and some Michigan fall colors and you’re in for a great morning. Thanks for the great

Eric & Lindsay :: Engaged // Kensington MetroPark Engagement Photography

Nothing says fall colors like an engagement session at Kensington MetroPark. I had a wonderful time sliding on wet leaves and chasing unruly dogs with Eric and Lindsay. Can’t wait for the

Lisa & Jake :: Engaged // Ann Arbor Engagement Photography

Jake and Lisa had a wonderful autumn session in Downtown Ann Arbor, Nichols Arboretum and at the Big House. Cheers, guys! Can’t wait for the wedding.

Chris & Karine :: Engaged // Clarkston, MI and Lakeland Ice Arena Photography

This two-part session goes from fall vistas to frozen rinks, as Chris and Karine walk, run and skate for the camera. I had a great time hanging with you guys. Its very exciting to be working with a

Chris & Mary :: Engaged // Nankin Mills Engagement Photography

Mary and Chris are officially my people. It’s hard to argue considering they were referred to me but the Thompsons of incredibly good taste. That’s a technical term, right?. Love

Matt & Aida :: Engaged // Birmingham, MI Engagement Photography

Dog walking in the park and an evening stroll in downtown Birmingham — sounds nice, doesn’t it? It was. I had a lot of fun with Matt and Aida in Birmingham. It was yet another one of

Stefano & Jamie :: Engaged // Stony Creek Metropark Engagement Photography

So… fall blogging is upon me. This means shorter posts, less rambling, and more pretty picture in the name of keeping up with the workflow. Stefano and Jamie don’t really need my help

Tayler & Kyle :: Engaged // Armada, MI Engagement Photographer

Orchards and Ice Cream before noon … yes! This morning session in Armada with Kyle and Tayler has me ready for fall. I know, know … We didn’t exactly get the best summer that

Candice & Mike :: Roll With Me, Baby! // Troy Skate World Shenanigans

Rollerskating is a lot tougher than you remember. Just ask Mike and Candice. We laughed, we stumbled, we listened to The Cure, and then we laughed some more. Words cannot do any justice to how much

Maki & Anna :: Engaged // Ann Arbor, MI Engagement Photographer

This was my first trip to Ann Arbor for the year. The sun was shining, the flowers were blooming (a little, anyway?), and my clients were dancing. Literally. Maki and Anna are getting married this

Ahmed & Kristi :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Photography

It really means a lot to me to be photographing Ahmed and Kristi. They are great folks and family friends, that I just adore. Ahmed is about as generous and pleasant a guy to be around as you could

Kelvin & Ashley :: The Slow Ride Around Town // Detroit, Michigan Engagement Photography

How would you describe a pleasant day at the office? When your boss is on vacation, and you have the coffee pot to yourself? I can relate to that. I have days where my headphones are in and Neil

Bob & Caitlin :: Engaged // A Chilly Royal Oak Day Photgraphed

Bob and Caitlin are such a good time. I say things like this a lot, but I laughed so hard during this shoot that my ears hurt. I hurt my own ears. Yeah. So, I say this things because I work with

Kevin & Nikki :: Midtown & Cliff Bell’s // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer

Doing Detroit with some class and a splash or delicious craft beer! Yeah for great locations, crisp weather and for cozy jazz bars. Kevin and Nikki were an absolute delight to hang out with for this