Ankit & Natalie :: Married // Lake Orion, MI Wedding Photographer (Indianwood)

Ankit_Natalie_TITALNatalie and Ankit had one of those wedding days where the rain teases you, but never really shows up to spoil the occasion. Instead it was cool breeze to calm your nerves and the occasional rhythmic pitter-patter on the windows to fill the silent moments of the afternoon. They hung tough with the precipitation just like I know they will hang tough for each other. These guys are a true power couple, and it’s easy to see how they have become so successful when you meet the family that surrounds them. Plus, the sining and dancing that comes with this crowd can’t hurt to be around either! Their Indianwood wedding was one I’ll be toe-tapping to for years to come. Thanks for hospitality and the entertainment, guys! 2015-06-09_00012015-06-09_00022015-06-09_00032015-06-09_00042015-06-09_00052015-06-09_00062015-06-09_00072015-06-09_00082015-06-09_00092015-06-09_00102015-06-09_00112015-06-09_00122015-06-09_00132015-06-09_00142015-06-09_00152015-06-09_00162015-06-09_00172015-06-09_00182015-06-09_00192015-06-09_00202015-06-09_00212015-06-09_00222015-06-09_00232015-06-09_00242015-06-09_00252015-06-09_00262015-06-09_00272015-06-09_00282015-06-09_00292015-06-09_00302015-06-09_00312015-06-09_00322015-06-09_00332015-06-09_00342015-06-09_00352015-06-09_00362015-06-09_00372015-06-09_00382015-06-09_00392015-06-09_00402015-06-09_00412015-06-09_00422015-06-09_00432015-06-09_00442015-06-09_00452015-06-09_00462015-06-09_00472015-06-09_00482015-06-09_00492015-06-09_00502015-06-09_00512015-06-09_00522015-06-09_00532015-06-09_00542015-06-09_0055

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