Amie & Paul :: Married // Bloomfield and Birmingham, Michigan Wedding Photographer


I love these guys. Really. I’ve know Amie for a little over a decade now, and she’s practically family to us. So, allow me to wax poetic a little bit about what grin-inducing fun it was to see her and Paul get into this crazy thing we call marriage. I’m always skeptical of the guys that Amie and Liz (the Maid of Honor, and my sister-in-law) bring around. In big-brother-like fashion, I like to scowl and disapprove from afar. Truly, I’m not an easy critic to please when it comes to those who seek partnership with my single family members. It’s one of my better old man qualities, I think? Well, with that reported, I’m happy to say that Paul never gave me a chance to grimace or fret. The first night I met him he showered me with cheese, meats and whiskey. Which, some people could suspect as a buy-off. However, they’d be wrong. Try as I did, I could not report a single thing I sensed to be unscrupulous, unfriendly or unlikeable about Paul back to the family. Amie, it turned out, had found a great one. I’d tell you that Paul has also done well for himself, but you’ll see from how beautiful Amie looks and gather from my careful screening of her suitors that she is an amazing person who has always been excellent company. Now they are just twice as fun to be around. Cheers guys!



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