Abigail & Gordon :: Married // Packard Proving Grounds Wedding Photographer


Ok so here it goes: I had an AMAZING time geeking out with Gordon and Abigail this November when they set out to get married. These two are a stupendous time to be around. Which is good because autumn in Michigan is only meant for grand things. And grand it was! The Packard Proving grounds made for a festive, elegant, and vintage-geeky (fanboys always represent. Right, Gordon?) venue for this unforgettable event. You guys have what it takes. I have no doubt that any beautiful young woman that puts up with nerdageddon is one you keep for life. And, Gordon, he can handle a pan to the face every now and then! (Scroll. Trust me.) It was an honor, and it was pure fun. Enjoy! See ya at Comicon!

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