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    This is a website that is as raucous as it is romantic. It's an eclectic collection of amazing personas that come together every year to make my job as a wedding photographer so amazing. Scrolling though these posts always leaves me humbled and smiling to myself, happy to recall my clients' laughter as they experienced their big day. I hope that visiting here gives you a little bit of the same. I'd love it even more if it inspired you to let me help tell your story. Maybe we'll even make a few inside jokes of our own? Enjoy.


Justin & Erin :: Married // Trenton, MI Wedding Photographer

I met Erin when I was five-years-old. Which means that this wedding was decades in the making for me as a photographer. Pretty cool, huh? I recall a time in sixth grade that a friend and I decided

Mark & Holly :: Wedding // Indianwood Wedding Photographer

Mark and Holly had one of those days that was so chill, so pleasant, and so downright fun. It all started with spring weather in mid-March. Which isn’t something to be taken lightly in

Jonathan & Arielle :: Wedding // Destination Wedding Photographer, Mexico

There are few things more romantic than running off to Mexico to get married on the beach. Just add 120 or your closest friends and family and some competitive volleyball, and you’ll have a

Paul & Meagan :: Married // Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

What can I possibly say about Paul and Meagan’s Valentine’s Day wedding in Ann Arbor that would do it proper justice? I don’t know that there is anything. For me, personally, this

Joe & Claudine :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photographer

Joe and Claudine are my people. Seriously, these guys are so excellent to spend time with. At our first meeting Claudine brought me Bon Bon Bon, and I learned that Joe is no stranger to a

Mike & Sara :: Married // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photography

Mike and Sara met me in England. It was a week-long destination wedding where we got a very good idea of just how much time we could tolerate being around each other. I must not have been too

Bryan & Katy :: Engaged // Detroit Zoo Engagement Photography

It hasn’t taken that much bravery to shoot outdoor, winter sessions in Michigan this year. Thats not to say that Bryan and Katy wouldn’t have been tough enough to endure a good old

Patrick & Kelly :: Married // Royal Oak and Birmingham, Michigan Wedding Photographer

Patrick and Kelly are one of those brave Pure-Michigan couples that went ahead and planned a glamorous January wedding here in the mitten state. Their devil-may-care attitude towards our often

Kyle & Kelsey :: Married // Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer

Kyle and Kelsey’s wedding was my last of 2015. And, lets just say that we went out with a bang! It was a great wintery night to see these two tie the knot. The connect between this couple is

Abigail & Gordon :: Married // Packard Proving Grounds Wedding Photographer

Ok so here it goes: I had an AMAZING time geeking out with Gordon and Abigail this November when they set out to get married. These two are a stupendous time to be around. Which is good because

Amie & Paul :: Married // Bloomfield and Birmingham, Michigan Wedding Photographer

I love these guys. Really. I’ve know Amie for a little over a decade now, and she’s practically family to us. So, allow me to wax poetic a little bit about what grin-inducing fun it was

Brian & Randi :: Married // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photographer

The birth of cool. After Miles Davis, the title of being cool goes to Brian and Randi. River-side, casino wedding in the D, anyone? It doesn’t get much cooler than that. It was windy, rainy,

Paul & Meagan :: Engaged // Detroit, Michigan Engagement Photography

Paul and Meagan have a great love that transcends across … well, across the Detroit River! Their Windsor-to-Westside romance is pretty evident to anyone lucky enough to meet them, and

Chris & Sammantha :: Married // Indian Springs Metropark Wedding Photography

Sammantha and Chris are fully adorable. I challenge you to find yourself two more charming book worms. You won’t. You can’t. And, their cozy, family-filled wedding at Indian Springs was

Anthony & Melane :: Married // Marysville, MI Wedding Photographer

Melane and Anthony’s beautiful wedding at the gorgeous Lexington Village Theatre was cozy, creative, and charming. We had such an amazing time with their friends and family hanging out in

Stefano & Jamie :: Married // Inn at St. John Wedding Photography

Stefano and Jamie have been together forever. Well not “for-ever EVER!?” in the Outkast sense, but since high school, any how. Teenagers who have bonded over baby tigers seem pretty

Pete & Eleni :: Married // Plymouth, MI Wedding Photographer

This wedding was grand on every level. The family, the ceremony, the reception, all of it. Pete and Eleni have a special connection that is grand, in and of itself. Really, it shows from a mile away.

Chris & Mary :: Married // Wyandotte, Detroit Wedding Photographer

Rain, rain go away. Chris and Mary got married and the rain did its best to chase them off. It knocked, it blew, and it rattled us about to no avail. Resolve, laughter, and love rose about above the

Molly & Nevin :: Married // Detroit and Grosse Ile, Michigan Wedding Photography

Molly and Nevin spent their first day as husband and wife along the Detroit River. First on Grosse Ile for their ceremony and then again in Detroit at the Port Authority. It was a day of laughter,

Robby & Leah :: Engaged // Mayberry State Park Engagement Photography

Leah and Robby look striking flannel. It’s the great mitten state. It’s fall. How could you not look great donning the colors of lumber jacks amongst the majestic palette of the prettiest

Joey & Casey :: Married // Planterra Wedding Photography

Some days on this job you get to just hang out inside of a beautiful greenhouse, admire amazing cakes, talk to awesome people, and listen to awesome music. Ok, its a lot of days … but,

Jon & Arielle :: Engaged // Birmingham, MI Engagement Photography

Jon and Arielle got engaged under a full moon in Aspen. So, we set out to find our own full moon for their engagement session. There was laughter, puppies (well one puppy), romance, excellent fall

Lindsay & Steve :: Married // Detroit Wedding Photographer

Talk about a day full of good laughs and great folks. From the dramatic readings during hair time, to the beers at Atwater, we left no stone unturned for having and amazing wedding day. Top it off

Treman :: Senior // Detroit Senior Photography

I don’t get the chance to shoot seniors all of that often. Fact of which, I should probably remedy, right? Treman’s session in Detroit was a lot of fun and is exactly the vibe that I

Jaclyn & Steve :: Married // The Valley, Ann Arbor Wedding Photography

A drizzly morning turned into a wonderful night at The Valley in Ann Arbor for Steve and Jackie’s wedding. The two said “I do” I surrounded by pinwheels, craft beers, lawn games,

Lisa & Jake :: Married // Double JJ Ranch Wedding Photography

Lisa and Jake’s Wedding at the Double JJ Ranch was like a little vacation wrapped up in a wedding. It was so hard to not be completely taken away by the sweeping views during the ceremony, the

Alissa & Jerry :: Engagement Session Part 1 // South East Michigan Engagement Photographer

Alissa and Jerry got a dressed up for a few hours in the backyard this fall at the request of Alissa’s mom. How can you say no to mom? You can’t.  You also can’t beat a great couple

Carrie & Adam :: Married // Bay Harbor, Michigan Wedding Photography

This absolutely stunning Michigan wedding at the Bay Harbor Yacht club was a like a page straight out of the Pure Michigan catalog. The skies were dramatic, the breeze was cool, the water was calm. I

Zach & Lindsay :: Married // Detroit Wedding Photographer

This Detroit ceremony was a hot one! We braved the sun and the bees the construction on the roads to make sure that Lindsay and Zach had an amazing day at the Talon Center, and then again for their

Chris & Debi :: Married // Oakhurst Country Club Wedding Photography

Debi and Chris’s Oakhurst wedding was an amazing Michigan wedding. Outdoors while the weather was still pleasant and the nights were still long. The company wasn’t bad either. Cheers!

Mike & Jennifer :: Engaged // Detroit Zoo Engagement Photography

Dinosaurs, underwater dancing, craft beer, and ice cream. Mike and Jennifer had one of the best days ever! We visited all of the best places in Royal Oak: The Detroit Zoo, River Rouge Brew Company,

April & Ryan :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer

Summer nights in the Motor City are pretty much my speciality. Even more so when the company is this good. I did get Ryan to go shirtless on Cadillac Square for his outfit change… so, I guess

Brad & Jill :: Married // Oakhurst Country Club; Clarkston, MI

Brad & Jill’s Oakhurst wedding was a day to remember. If fun and family are your #1 priority for you wedding day, it doesn’t get much better than this! I had a blast hanging with the

Chelsea & William :: Engaged // E. Lansing Engagement Photography

Chelsea and Will lured me to East Lansing with beer. That’s right folks, I can be bought for just the proper amount of Founders Centennial IPA! We even chased off a little summer heat, talking

Steve & Deidre :: Married // Royal Oak Music Theater, MI Wedding Photography

Deidre and Steve are two crazy kids in love. Really crazy, too! Like skydiving and motorcycles kind of crazy. While I don’t necessarily share their love for hurling forward at inhuman speeds, I

Paula & Lon :: Engaged // Detroit, Michigan Wedding Photographer

Cold drinks in a dark bar. Jazz meandering out from the main stage. A picture perfect evening. Well, if you don’t have a guy with a camera in your face! Super stoked to have caught up with my