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    This is a website that is as raucous as it is romantic. It's an eclectic collection of amazing personas that come together every year to make my job as a wedding photographer so amazing. Scrolling though these posts always leaves me humbled and smiling to myself, happy to recall my clients' laughter as they experienced their big day. I hope that visiting here gives you a little bit of the same. I'd love it even more if it inspired you to let me help tell your story. Maybe we'll even make a few inside jokes of our own? Enjoy.


Karine & Chris :: Married // Plymouth, Bloomfield Wedding Photographer

Karine and Chris are one of those young power couples in the making. She’s a doctor. He’s a lawyer. They fell in love skating at an ice rink where Chris played hockey and abused his

Kyle & Kelsey :: Engaged // Ann Arbor Michigan Photographer

There is nothing like wandering around Nichol’s Arboretum pretending not to be lost! Especially if you’re doing it on a beautiful night with great people. It is especially helpful if you

Eric & Lindsay :: Married // Brighton Michigan Wedding Photography

Javit sister wedding number 2! BOOM! I’m really starting to like these guys. This time around we got see Katie’s little sister get married at Heavenly Scent Herb Farm in Fenton, MI. A

Tayler & Kyle :: Married // Upland Hills Farm Wedding Photography

Hot dang! I’m not sure if I’m using the cowboy boots or weather to justify my opening? Does it matter? It was a true Michigan summer day at Upland Hills Farm when Tayler and Kyle got to

Brian & Randi :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

The last few weeks have been rich with spectacular nights. This was yet another, without question. Randi and I danced around a lot trying to decide where to photograph their engagement session, but

Lynn & Danny :: Engaged // Stony Creek Metropark Photography

Lynn and Danny came in from North Carolina for their Michigan e-session. Let me tell you that they brought the weather with them! We had an absolutely beautiful night, despite a forecast of

Baby Arthur, Mike & Alison :: Family // Ann Arbor Portrait Photography

I love this kid. He’s the spitting image of my very old friend, and former college roommate, Mike. That’s not to take away from any of Alison’s lovely qualities that he’s

Amanda & Sean :: Married // Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer

That one time when all of these peeps from Chicago invaded the sacred grounds of Ann Arbor … yeah, it was awesome! Amanda and Sean’s Earhart Manor wedding was everything that you’d

Mike & Katie :: Married // Brighton, MI Wedding Photography

Mike and Katie’s backyard wedding was Javit Sister Wedding 1-of-2 for me this summer. So, It’s a good thing I enjoyed myself while hanging out in this Brighton home, because I’ll be

Aida & Matt :: Married // Detroit, MI Wedding Photographer

It was a pretty day. Everything last thing was exceptionally beautiful. From the church, to the weather, to the gorgeous bride herself, it was what wedding season is all about. Matt and Aida’s

Max & Stephanie :: Married // Ann Arbor, MI Wedding Photographer

There is nothing like spring at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor. Pair that with two of the coolest cats on the planet, daddy-o, and you’ve got one heck of an outdoor wedding! Yes, I

Lindsay & Stephen :: Engaged // Birmingham, MI Engagement Photography

I ducked and dodged the rainy spring a lot to get these guys a nice day for this session. What an evening it was! Birmingham was glowing with spring for Steve and Lindsay’s engagement session.

Ankit & Natalie :: Married // Lake Orion, MI Wedding Photographer (Indianwood)

Natalie and Ankit had one of those wedding days where the rain teases you, but never really shows up to spoil the occasion. Instead it was cool breeze to calm your nerves and the occasional rhythmic

Eleni & Pete :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

Some days you get rained on. This was one of those days. You can only hope that your clients are flexible, fun, and somewhat waterproof. Well, mine were. Pete and Eleni took to running from the

Sarah & Erik :: Married // Pine Knob Mansion Wedding Photography, Michigan

Erik and Sarah are awesome. Seriously, freaking awesome. Like every Sci-fi and fantasy movie that I love represented in their wedding day music kinda awesome! I know right? You can’t have them.

Joey, Casey, and Lucy :: Kensington Metropark Family and Engagement Photography

Super fun engaged couple: Check! Beautiful evening at Kensington Metropark: Check! Adorable baby Lucy: Bonus! So, if you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your e-session, find yourself a

Ashley & Kyle Get Bumped // Kensington Metropark Maternity Photography

Ashley and Kyle had a gorgeous wedding at the Westin Hotel in Detroit almost three years ago. It was a great seeing them start their lives together then, but it is a whole different level of

Lucy & Chris :: Havin’ a Baby // Royal Oak and Birmingham Maternity Photography

Lucy and Chris are going to make excellent parents. I can just tell. Their relationship is magnetic, their dedication to their new child is all-encompassing, and Chris reads comic books in bed! (And

Jonathan & Julia :: Married // Detroit, Hamtramck, and Plymouth Wedding Photography

What do you get when you take a coal miner from Pennsylvania and a lawyer from Michigan and give them a traditional springtime Ukrainian wedding? You get anything and everything but the expected.

Jason, Becky, Olivia, and Hope :: Detroit Family Photography // Midtown

Some days the sun shines just a little brighter than you expect. It beams a little bit warmer upon your face… aaaaaaand, if you’re with me in Detroit with your two kids, I might just

Chris & Samantha :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

When you’re looking for a little stop at the library nothing really compares to Detroit’s finest offering. Samantha and Chris sure didn’t think so. We slinked, crept, and whispered

Mike & Sara :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

I met Mike and Sara in England when I photographed Sara’s brother’s wedding. At that time, we bonded over English breakfast, Irish whiskey, and Mike’s facial hair. I solicited my

Christopher :: Ferndale High School Senior // Ferndale, MI Senior Photographer

I am very happy to have made some portraits for Christopher on a rainy evening this April. I’ve known this astute young man’s father for a long time. Which sort of made me feel old, as I

Max & Stephanie :: Engaged // Detroit, MI Engagement Photography

How did Stephanie ever put up with the amount of footwear discussion that went on during this session? She’s a saint. While Max and I might share a manly affinity for Merrell shoes, I’m

Mike & Katie :: Engaged // Milford, MI Engagement Photography

It’s never a bad day for a walk in downtown Milford, MI. Add some hot coffee, good conversation and some Michigan fall colors and you’re in for a great morning. Thanks for the great

Andy & Andrea :: Married // St. Clair Shores and Detroit, MI Wedding Photography

This autumn wedding was a brimming with energy and excitement from the moment we arrived. Andrew and Andrea had a wonderful ceremony at St. Blase, followed by a mémorable trip to Detroit’s

Eric & Lindsay :: Engaged // Kensington MetroPark Engagement Photography

Nothing says fall colors like an engagement session at Kensington MetroPark. I had a wonderful time sliding on wet leaves and chasing unruly dogs with Eric and Lindsay. Can’t wait for the

Lisa & Jake :: Engaged // Ann Arbor Engagement Photography

Jake and Lisa had a wonderful autumn session in Downtown Ann Arbor, Nichols Arboretum and at the Big House. Cheers, guys! Can’t wait for the wedding.

Bob & Caitlin :: Married // Charlevoix, MI Wedding Photographer

Bob and Caitlin’s Charlevoix wedding truly represented the last bits of a beautiful fall in Northern Michigan. The chill in the air, the Castle Farms’ reception and the warm company were

Jim, Marissa and Des :: Family // Stony Creek Metropark Photography

Nothing like stomping in the leaves with a newly minted 1-year-old, huh? I had an amazing time hanging with Jim, Marissa and their little dude Desmond at Stony Creek last month. It reminds me of when

Chris & Karine :: Engaged // Clarkston, MI and Lakeland Ice Arena Photography

This two-part session goes from fall vistas to frozen rinks, as Chris and Karine walk, run and skate for the camera. I had a great time hanging with you guys. Its very exciting to be working with a

Chris & Mary :: Engaged // Nankin Mills Engagement Photography

Mary and Chris are officially my people. It’s hard to argue considering they were referred to me but the Thompsons of incredibly good taste. That’s a technical term, right?. Love